Thursday, May 10, 2012

Clinical Trial of a Cancer patient
I am writing a little bit about Clinical trials on cancer patients. These trials are performed to figure out the best way to treat cancer. In the early phase of clinical trials, patients that are diagnosed with cancer have to sign a treaty that they are participating in the clinical trial to help with their pain. The pain from the cancer is severe. Patient will be told about the medication , the side effects , and the potential benefits. Then patient will sign the consent form. In this trial they have to  keep a diary on how much pain is controlled  and how much different doses of the medicine took. The patient will receive a box of pain meds and it will contains pills of different strengths. Then 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes after medication  the pain level  has to be note down each time. If the pain improves and is well controlled then the dose have to be taken when it is needed. If this doen’t work then an increased dose has to be given next time. This will figure out the best way to treat cancer pain. In first phase of pain medication trial a very low dose will be given which will show effect or not, depends. Now to get relief from pain the dose has to be increased may be four times and that gives a relief from pain but with sleep. So controlling  most of the pain that has to be done with lowering the dose and without falling asleep. If the pain for the cancer become worse so the highest dose can also be given.

Bashah Javed
Faculty of Bioinformatics
BII, Noida.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Successful Presentation of BII for Research collaboration with Dr.K.N.Modi institute

A big day just passed for BII, but had left its impressions; 4-MAY-2012 was very special to everyone in BII, what was so special in it? Specialty was the Research collaboration proposal between two institutes. Now not making you wait I will tell you we have got very special guests in our premises, Dr. K.N.Modi Institute of Pharmaceuticals Education & Research represented by their faculties & students have come for a visit.
Guests have arrived at 1200 Hrs, we welcomed them with open arms. As it was a sunny day, we arranged refreshments before the commencement of any proceedings of the day. Round 1230 Hrs. our COO Mr. Anshul Gupta & Technical Head Mr. Ranjan Kumar expressed the warm welcome on the behalf of BII.  Now we took off for the technical part of the day; first we had “Cheminformatics session” took by our Bioinformatics faculty Mr. Bashah Javed which last for one hour. The guests were taking every bit of information from the presentation. After it, we moved to the Lunch break for all our guests and students.
Post lunch was even more exciting for all, as it had got demonstrations in it. We divided the students from Dr. KN. Modi into two batches. First batch took the demonstration of Drug Designing & analyzing software V-Life on the other hand second batch was on an exciting ride of instrumentation in the Biotech Lab with Ms Aditi Banerji. Then we swapped the batches for the demonstrations. Meanwhile our Guests faculties were with our Management in Directors’ Chamber on the academics discussions and interestingly on the research collaboration which will take place.
After the insightful technical sessions we all assembled at one place and our Honorable CEO Mr. Shivendra Misra thanked our guests for their eminent presence. And then our Honorable guest Mr. Vijay Sharma (HOD-Pharm. Chem.) expressed his views on the day, then we call for the day.
I would like to express my gratitude to the Director, members of BII, ICIS and our marketing team member Ms. Ritu Pal and Mr. Yash Srivastava for such a wonderful arrangements and presentation of BIII would also like to give special thanks to Ms Aditi Banerji for live demonstration of molecular biology experiments in front of faculty and students and last but not the least for such a tremendous and extra ordinary work of our junior division staff which are essential part of our organization thank you for bringing us at a successful commencement of the day.

Gourav Kumar
Faculty cum Research Associate
Biotechnology BII

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mega Joint Venture (GSK ties up with Infosys for digital services )

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has entered into a partnership with Infosys to optimize digital channels across its global consumer healthcare and pharmaceuticals business lines. The partnership in association with Fabric Worldwide, a WPP company, will simplify and improve effectiveness of how GSK delivers digital engagement with consumers and healthcare professionals. Through this partnership with Infosys, GSK will create 'Global Digital Services' (GDS), a new shared service which will drive standardized processes and sharing of best practices in creating and securely delivering information, across multiple digital channels.

The service will utilize the 'Digital Marketing Platform', built by Infosys in partnership with Fabric Worldwide. This brings together the best of technology and marketing expertise, on a unified platform, delivered on the Cloud. The proprietary BLUE (Build, Listen, Understand, Engage) framework of the 'Digital Marketing Platform' will allow GSK to quickly build digital assets and listen to consumers across an array of digital channels. GSK will be able to use the platform's advanced analytical capabilities to better understand consumer segments and leverage audience insight to deliver an engaging brand experience. The platform will allow teams to collaborate through superior work flow capabilities, and foster re-use of digital assets. Infosys, in partnership with Fabric Worldwide, will also provide specialized digital marketing services, around brand and agency liaison, and advanced analytics to enable GSK to improve the effectiveness of digital media want. Global Digital Services will enable us to provide globally standard processes, scalable assets and advanced analytics to support better and more efficient engagement with these external audiences. Infosys and Fabric bring important and complementary capabilities to give us the potential to make a real step forward in this area."

Mr. Dheeshjith V G senior president and global head of Life Sciences at Infosys said, "For pharmaceutical companies, driving digital transformation, globally across the organization to achieve rapid growth and deepen customer engagement, is very important. In the coming years, pharmaceutical companies will be heavily leveraging digital media to connect with their sales force, customers, physicians and key opinion leaders in the industry. Infosys, with its in-depth life sciences industry knowledge, robust cross-industry experience and cutting edge technology expertise, has partnered with WPP to build the foundation for the global digital transformation initiative at GSK."

Mr. Samson David, vice president and global head - Business Platforms, Infosys, said, "Companies, today, spend a significant part of their time streamlining their digital processes with little focus on engaging with stakeholders. Our partnership with WPP brings the best of marketing and technology together to create the next-generation Digital Marketing Platform."

Author Name-Ritu Pal (Marketing Executive)

Department- Marketing

Organization - Bioinformatics Institute of India.

C-56A/28 Sec 62 Noida U.P India.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Clinical Research

Clinical Trials:
In medical research, clinical trials are conducted to allow safety and efficacy data to be collected for new drugs or devices. These trials can only take place once satisfactory information has been gathered on the quality of the product and its non-clinical safety, and Health Authority/Ethics Committee approval is granted in the country where the trial is taking place.
Depending on the type of product and the stage of its development, investigators enroll healthy volunteers and/or patients into small pilot studies initially, followed by larger scale studies in patients that often compare the new product with the currently prescribed treatment. As positive safety and efficacy data are gathered, the number of patients is typically increased. Clinical trials can vary in size from a single center in one country to multicenter trials in multiple countries.
Due to the sizable cost a full series of clinical trials may incur, the burden of paying for all the necessary people and services is usually borne by the sponsor who may be the pharmaceutical or biotechnology company that developed the agent under study. Since the diversity of roles may exceed resources of the sponsor, often a clinical trial is managed by an outsourced partner such as a contract research organization (CRO).